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In a world where technology shapes business landscapes at an unprecedented pace, your recruitment process should stand out as nothing less than exceptional. Embrace the future with Key Global Recruitment and our ground-breaking service – KEY CONSULTING.

Featuring a cutting-edge array of candidate assessment methodologies and an advanced online candidate delivery platform, our premium service is a proven solution to significantly reduce commercial downtime while elevating your retention rates.

By synergizing contemporary, evidence-based recruitment strategies with state-of-the-art recruitment technology,

KEY CONSULTING is your assurance of better ‘new hire’ retention rates and a proactive shield against costly ‘bad hires’.


Industry-Leading Retention Rates of 96% Secure your investment with our FREE replacement policy, applicable for up to 12 months. Given our remarkable success rate, its necessity is highly unlikely.


Save Over £100k per Hire Increased accuracy of hire using scientific, visual and competency-based assessments.


Reduce Overall Time-to-Hire Our candidate pre-assessments optimize your interview-to-hire ratio, empowering an expedited, confident hiring process.

Discover the Power of KEY CONSULTING for your recruiting process:

Elevate your brand

Present your firm as the epitome of professionalism and sophistication, capturing the attention of top-tier candidates who resonate with your vision.

Unified Decision-Making:

Collaboration is key, especially when it comes to hiring. Our in-depth job survey facilitates alignment among key decision-makers.

Streamlined Evaluation:

Seamlessly organize and assess candidates, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – finding the perfect fit for your team.

Candidate reviews

Make swift, accurate hiring decisions with our In-depth candidate review program containing video introds, behaviour assessments & much more.

The Job Description Difference

While most job descriptions focus on skills and knowledge, KEY CONSULTING recognizes that behaviour is crucial. A new hire’s success isn’t just about skills, it’s about fitting in your organization’s culture. With our behavioural assessments, you’ll make informed hires that thrive in your environment, reducing the 30% failure rate in retaining new employees.

The McQuaig Job Survey

To accurately define behavioural requirements, we leverage the McQuaig Job Survey. This tool empowers hiring managers, stakeholders, and recruiters to establish an internal benchmark and pinpoint behaviours essential for excellence in any role.  We’re not just finding a candidate; we’re finding the right fit.

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